Pinewood Car Building Tips

Easiest way to build a fast car

  • Aerodynamic shape - doesn't have to be complicated
    • A simple wedge will do fine
  • Weight high and in the back
    • This maximizes potential energy of your car
  • Reduce friction around the wheels and axels
    • Smooth axels and dry lubricant make a big differences in using energy for speed and not heat
  • Boy's Life - Use Science to Build the Fastest Pinewood Derby Car
    • Note: Review our rules. Altering or using alternate light wheels are not allowed and all four wheels must be in contact with the track.

Easiest way to build a creative car

  • Don't let "Car" limit your ideas
    • Last year's most creative included dragons, a Pikachu and even sushi
    • Tanks, planes, buses and star destroyers too