Concerns about both contracting and spreading the COVID-19 virus has altered the way our pack participates in scouting and lives out its scouting ideals.

Prior to COVID-19 concerns, our program revolved around in-person meetings throughout the year. However during the governor's stay at home order and our time in various phases of re-opening, we have postponed pack get-togethers. But, scouting continues; our den leaders have used different methods of remote connection to continue working on adventures with their scouts, including email, Zoom, Google meet and other tools to share videos.

We have found that during this time Cub Scout adventures can provide families with fun activities to do together at home. Cub Scout electives contain a variety of activities such as science experiments, art projects, and nature walks. In accordance with the Cub Scout motto “Do Your Best”, BSA modified some requirements so that they can be completed at home without scouts gathering in-person. Requirements normally done at a pack campout can now be completed during a backyard campout. Visits to museums or historical sites can be done online. Our scouts have been connecting online to share the stories of the work we have done at home.

We miss having in-person meetings, and we look forward to the time when we can do so again safely. We are currently working with our Chartering Organization to determine whether it is possible for small dens to meet in person under certain guidelines during some re-opening phases. We understand that different families are able to undertake different levels of risk based on their own personal needs, and any in-person meetings that take place during reopening phases are completely optional.

Normally we welcome new scouts each fall by having the kids attend a pack meeting and then grouping them into dens. This year pack meetings are not possible at this time. Our plan is to group rising kindergartners into a new den of Lions and helping them connect online to start getting to know each other and begin working on adventures.